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Megaplex Theatres at Jordan Commons

What is it?

Your chance to learn from brilliant presenters who will show how leading publishers, companies and other non-profits are responding to the converging media landscape to create and market incredible products and services.

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Keynote Speaker

Michael Colemere - OCS Managing Director

Collaboration Framework for Digital Communication

Featured Presenters

Burke Olsen - General Manager at Deseret News Digital

Will it Blend? News, Mission, Audience & Analytics on

Darron Billeter - Professor of Marketing at BYU

Catch Me if You Can - Introduction to Biometric Data

Roger Gibson - Digital Marketer at 1-800 Contacts

Display Advertising

Scott Paul - Founder at Instafluence | Voto | ArmorActive

Your Teenage Daughter is a Celebrity: Social + Mobile & the Rise of Influencer Networks

David Pratt - Sr. Engineer & Architect at BYU Broadcasting

Multi-client Analytics: Making Sense of  a Fragmented Analytics Ecosystems

Matt Decker - Social Media Buyer at BonCom

Social Media Advertising: What are my Options?

Jason Barker - Sr. Technical Consultant at

iBeacons: The Next Mobile Frontier

Colin Lewis - Digital Marketing Technical Consultant at Adobe

Content Optimizing Through A/B Testing: Fine Tuning in Order to Fulfill the Measure of Creation

Mike Harper - Digital Media Professor at UVU

The Effective UX Design: Navigating the Mine Fields of Mediocrity

John Dye - Director of Digital Media at Boncom

International Marketing: What Rosetta Stone Can't Teach You

Aaron Bylund - Director of Technology at More Good Foundation

The Opportunity of Social Signals

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